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An inch makes a difference.
The PROTECTOR from OSP has a solid 1" thick line of shock foam surrounding your gear. This keeps the rattles and vibrations of the road away from your investment. You can be 100% positive that your gear will arrive in perfect condition, every time.

A modern classic
With all the same features as The CLASSIC and then some, The PROTECTOR not only boasts the additional line of foam, it also features egg-crate foam insulation on both the front and back doors for added protection of your rack gear.
Leave the folding table at home.
An available option on several of the larger configurations, the PROTECTOR offers an attached side table that folds out of the front lid. It's sturdy, beautiful, compact, and easy. Once you live with it, you'll wonder how you lived without it.
Lock it down.
Steel butterfly latches keep the doors securely in place no matter how aggressively you throw this case around. They won't break or fault, ever. (And if they do, we'll make it right.)
Keep on rolling.
The PROTECTOR features hard rubber, industry-best 4" locking casters that roll like a dream and last a lifetime. You won't find a case with a better caster, period.

(Casters included on models 10 Space and larger)
Go on, do your worst.
With steel ball corners, industrial rivets, and chrome trim, these cases are built to last a lifetime. We dare you to try to tear them up. (Spoiler alert - you won't.)
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